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Swadhayu Hair Oil


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Quantity 150ml
  • Advansed Curry Leaves Hair Oil contains the goodness of Curry Leaves and Coconut that help reduce hairfall and delay hair greying.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Curry Leaves – rich in VITAMINS, ESSENTIAL OIL and ANTI OXIDANTS- help control hairfall and hair greying, preserving natural hair colour.
  • Coconut is loaded with VITAMINS, triglycerides and natural polyphenols that provide nourishment to hair and helps in hairfall control and hair growth.
  • NO CHEMICALS AT ALL: This hair oil contains no parabens, no sulphates, no artificial dyes, no silicones, no formaldehydes and is completely Cruelty free. What’s more – it SMELLS GREAT!
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES. From curly hair, wavy hair, straight hair, coloured hair, thick/ thin hair, or chemically treated hair – this Oil is safe to use & dermatologically tested.


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